9743 Pali Avenue Los Angeles CA 91042
NOVA Development

Calabasas, CA

A series of leased spaces required connection, both in terms of physical access and aesthetics. Unification was achieved through inexpensive 3D ceiling systems, reuse of existing 2×4 lighting fixtures and protruding walls in a telescoping pattern. Cartoon art, a company product, identifies their goals to conquer the earth. Contemporary furniture selections complement the space.

Back-lit corrugated plastic creates a contemporary avante aesthetic in this entreprenuerial software company. Off-set oval openings requiring highly skilled drywall craftsmanship allow for visual sightlines and underscore openness. A product display area is cleverly placed at visitor seating. International business expansion.

Cold-cathode light wraps a curved interior space, housing the accounting staff of this entertainment law firm. Bold colors, complement seafoam workstation storage. Sculpture highlights the partner office entry areas. Contrasting hues in carpet insets create interesting spatial intersections. Business growth.

March 1, 2017