9743 Pali Avenue Los Angeles CA 91042

Our San Francisco and L.A. office expansions
were deftly designed by Janice and her team,
responding to our many requests.

Ms. Renee Cassale, Barger + Wolen


Some trends that remain are what J S D A is known for today. We were one of the first firms to voraciously pursue sustainable projects, often incorporating sustainable products as part of our everyday specifications without bringing attention to them. We always have considered sustainability as a philosophical consciousness, rather than a flag. We were one of the first interior design firms in the U.S. to launch a website, and did so in 1996. We used to present our website at ‘lunch and learns’ to illustrate to vendors how their products could be inventoried on the internet. In 1996, we converted all drafting to CAD, selecting a European standard 2D/3D drafting program, ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD allows us to complete cutting-edge fly-thrus and walk-thrus, 3D renderings and now, 3D files for rapid prototyping. At the turn of the millennium, we discarded our physical library of products no longer needed. Spatial Branding and the emergence of meaningful branding messaging, far beyond graphical solutions, is at the heart of good design, and we continue our experience and education to deliver new age ideas for our clients.


We are quick to recognize greatness when we see it. Greatness comes identified as innovation, but somehow deep within us, we know greatness to be a solution to a problem that had already presented itself. We’re eager to try new ideas and products, almost obsessively, but cautiously to make sure that the companies manufacturing the products will stand behind them. We rely less on group norms and some might say we’re authentically self-confident. We get our information from scientific sources and research. Active within the design community, we become aware of these products before others, which gives our firm opportunities for getting innovation to the marketplace early, through the use of striking and remarkable new products.


VER headquarters in Glendale, CA houses LA’s newest camera prep facility. The airy garage-style design, created by J S D A Inc, affords expansive space for cinema and television camera crews to do thorough equipment checkout. There are 20 camera checkout bays, high-tech lens projection and sensor calibration rooms, video and audio prep, hospitality and meeting areas. The spacious campus offers a state-of-the-art R&D lab, a machine shop to create custom gear and production gear including: lighting, audio, rigging, media servers and the world’s biggest array of LED panels. “Our goal is to provide the best equipment combined with deep technical expertise in one place so filmmakers can expand their creative vision”, says Vince Pace, VER’s Executive Director of Camera.

Meanings of Designed Spaces JSDA Inc

Editor: Tiiu Vaikla-Poldma, Janice Stevenor Dale (co-author)

As society rapidly changes, so too does our relationship with design and the spaces of the designed world. Meanings of Designed Spaces is a collection of articles by-and interviews with-renowned design academics and professionals exploring how people make meaning using design today, and how “designed space” both shapes and is shaped by technology, business, ethics, culture, sustainability, and society. The book’s subject matter moves from the theoretical to the practical and includes, at times, contradictory viewpoints, providing a springboard for conversation and debate.

The State of the Interior Design Profession JSDA Inc

Editors: Drs. Denise Guerin, Caren Martin; Janice Stevenor Dale (co-author)

The State of the Interior Design Profession provides an informed view of the interior design profession as it stands, challenging students and inspiring them to consider their role and responsibility in developing the profession’s future. Martin and Guerin have identified 12 issues integral to the future development of the interior design profession. Renowned and emerging interior design thinkers (authors), who represent complementary and conflicting viewpoints on the same issue, have written their opinions (essays) in response to each issue. Their experiences are diverse; they have contributed to practice, industry, publication, research, education, engagement, and service-and many to several of these.

JSDA Inc Morrison & Foerster Los AngelesINTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE

Morrison & Foerster | Los Angeles by Edie Cohen

“Glamorous not stodgy,” the stated goal of the 12 member committee assembled to guide the project from Morrison and Foerster. The 129,000 five-floor project in The Gas Company building downtown Los Angeles, housed 200 employees, provided 10 conference rooms including a partners room seating 50. A grand Hollywood inspired interconnecting stair joined an atrium space on the south side of the building, connecting the two-level conferencing center, complete with concierge and reception. A selective vertical conveyor was installed to assist with movement and storage of boxed files. Janice Stevenor Dale worked with Hall of Fame designer: Mel Hamilton, both of I S D at the beginning of the project. Mr. Hamilton passed during the project.  J S D A Inc. completed the project.

Janice Stevenor Dale serves as an expert witness in cases involving construction defects, particularly involving interior designers or those claiming to be interior designers. J S D A has been retained to serve on multiple cases involving complex litigation involving way finding and lighting issues, materials and transition standards, construction issues and damages, interior design practice standards and more. J S D A Inc has a 100% arbitration win record and has been essential in significant judgement reductions in out of court settlements.
JSDA Inc West Adams Historic PreservationMCGOWAN MANSION | LA CITY LANDMARK NO. 479

J S D A Los Angeles offices and home, and historic landmark, McGowan Mansion (LA City Landmark No. 479) was featured on the West Adams Historic Homes Tour. Architects: Hudson and Munsell, 1912.


Inspiration and Strategic Change on the Path to Sustainability
by Jean Pierre Simard

Janice Stevenor Dale has been a frequently requested speaker at EnvironDesign, and the Real Goods Summer Solstice, on sustainability leadership and application in projects. Long-term facility cost analysis, material analysis. Projects completed with sustainability initiatives were reviewed and audiences inspired to adopt new principles, including McDonough and Braungart list of chemicals known to cause harm to human health.

JSDA Inc 29th Street Eichler Country Club EstatesATOMIC RANCH MAGAZINE | END FRAGMENT

Eichler Country Club Estates | Boise

This development boasts an open connection between interior and exterior space, with a new architectural addition to the existing mid-century residence wrapping the edge of a private courtyard featuring a sculpture designed by Janice Stevenor Dale. Each 2,000 sqft residence is uniquely constructed with exposed beams and concrete floors, radiant heat in master bathroom, high performance individually zoned heating and cooling units and period correct wood veneer closet doors and paneling. Sustainable elements include mature shade trees, dual flush water closets, solar hot water panels, recycled period doors, VOC free paints, energy star appliances and low-e energy efficient glazing.

JSDA Inc Peck and Colton Houses Boise Idaho Highlands Historic PreservationMID-CENTURY MODERN TOUR

Two J S D A Boise, ID projects, the Peck and Colton houses were featured on the Annual Heritage Homes Tour of The Boise Highlands by Preservation Idaho. J S D A designed exterior and interior renovations, responsible for full project management and construction observation.