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Podcasts with Janice Stevenor Dale, Founder of J S D A, Inc.


Episode 01 | October 19, 2022
Lisa Whited, WTF, AWA

Work Better, Save the Planet

Whited is a change management professional whom enables organizations of any size to drive change. We break down the challenges facing the future of workplace with strategies and case studies offered by Lisa in her book.  Janice Stevenor Dale interviewed Lisa,  just after the release of this book, amid great change in workplaces resulting from the remote work phenomenon experienced by some in the pandemic, and she continues to help organizations solve their toughest problems.


Episode 02 | January 26, 2023
Dr. Carolina Manrique Hoyos, PhD

Wood Cellulose:
Renewable 3D Print Media

“Recent research in graphic statics, the flow of forces (as expressed in the work of Gaudi), has inspired us to explore the idea of 3D printing using renewable wood cellulose.”
– Dr. Carolina Manrique Hoyos


Episode 03 | March 01, 2023
Brian Reilly, ClearTech Media

“We’re seeing a lot of brilliant people working on technology upgrades … and yet, the technology really is secondary – it’s all about producing something – something meaningful and relevant for the company that you work for – and yes, you really do need the right tools to get that accomplished … great advances are being made.”
– Brian Reilly


Episode 04 | March 01, 2023
Ron Burkhardt, Newmark

“The Tech industry is the leader in giving back space and the leader in sublease space. We have over 12 million square feet of sublease space available in greater LA and over 50% of that is tech or tech related space. We are rising to that current challenge.”
– Ron Burkhardt


Episode 05 | May 29, 2023
Brad Pierce, Sustainability Mindshift

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein


Episode 06 | July 27, 2023
Matt Byrd, Nexus 3D

“Incorporating 3D reality capture into the design process allows architects and designers to bridge the gap between imagination and execution. It brings precision, accuracy, and a deeper understanding of the built environment, leading to more efficient and innovative designs.”
– Bjarke Ingels, Architect and Founder of BIG


Episode 07 | October 18, 2023
Chip Israel, Lighting Design Alliance

“Lighting heightens visual cues, accentuating user experience; it manipulates perception for intended psychological response.”
– Chip Israel