9743 Pali Avenue Los Angeles CA 91042

Los Angeles, CA

An industrial concrete tilt-up building, originally the LA Times printing facility, was transformed with saw-cut openings for new glazing and entry doors on the north face of the building, relocated from the south. Overall building is 120,000 sqft. A new mezzanine and connecting stair was developed adding square footage to the building, providing centralized management spaces. Resources well utilized.

A series of butt-jointed glazing panels round the face of a conference room with track-mounted sliding door. The shape recalls the cylinders of the industrial printing press spinning beyond the office wall space. A central printing plant for the nation’s yellow pages, it transitions with technologies to produce both classic newsprint and digital formatted books. Business expanded.

Multi-purpose training room facilities are highly utilitarian in nature with whiteboards serving as projection screens, simple plastic laminate podium and sheet  marmoleum, seam-sealed with integrated logo and stackable seating render this space highly functional, sustainable and easy to maintain. Costs contained.

February 24, 2017