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“Workplace Design = Performance”  Veitch, 2012

Through outstanding scientific studies from numerous sources, a wealth of data exists informing the practice of Interior Design. J S D A Inc inherently knows through significant experience and further researches what cognitive science and researchers in the social, design and physical sciences have learned about how design affects human thoughts and behavior. We are more informed as we develop smart design solutions and new insights spark our creativity.

From workplace performance to indoor air quality, to designing for optimal energy levels or national cultures, J S D A Inc has a philosophy of knowledge-based design and collaboration with researchers, and research institutions exploring those answers. Research in design is not always necessarily about finding the answers. The object of research is to ask better questions. The point is to look for patterns of use, which will lead to good questions and better solutions. The research areas to which J S D A connect are databases and references for ongoing investigations in wellness, sustainability, efficiency, use patterns, directions, product manufacture and design factors.

For more information or a copy of the entire research report, contact info@JSDA.com or visit our Contact page.

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