9743 Pali Avenue Los Angeles CA 91042

Los Angeles, CA

The southern exterior glazing, characterized by an eye-brow creates shadow to the floating semi-private office cluster. Lighting is provided through floating drywall planes. Mechanical systems directly correlate with the spatial organization. Communication enhanced, productivity increased.

Entering from the elevator lobby, a subtly curved floating plane intimates an asiatic influence resolving a base building offset. Lightweight concrete with schluter detailing carry the curved design. Custom reception desk pays homage to Le Corbusier furniture classics. Business increased.

Exposed ceilings and highly coordinated mechanical systems pierce the rectillinear spatial masses backpacked on the south side of the plan. Transoms conceal pivots and stops for custom millwork doors throughout. Custom designed cylindrical rods were specified as door hardware. Clients impressed; business increased.

March 25, 2017