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JSDA Inc High Tech Desks Go Ultra ModernWeWork: High Tech Desks….Go Ultra Modern

“Design can change everything”….Janice Stevenor Dale. In this featured article within the online media site “Creator”, author Kylie Ora Lobell expands on the complexities of arriving at the right balance of open plan spaces in working offices. At the central issue, is the balance between the opportunities for collaboration and the need for varying levels of acoustical and visual privacy. People have distinctly different work styles and practices that once known, can be effectively designed into office space, ranging from e-commerce companies to established Fortune 500 businesses.

All companies seek worker productivity, but how you arrive at that concept can be markedly different. Some companies want a true open air connection with indoor and outdoor space; others want a place where workers can bring their pets. Voice activated technology together with height adjustable standing desks keep people moving throughout the day, rather than seated for long periods of time.

Kylie Ora Lobell interviewed J S D A Inc for a soundbite in their WeWork media article in Creator: “High-Tech Desks, Flexbile Furnishings: Office Design Goes Ultra-Modern.” Stevenor Dale emphasizes the importance of wellness concepts including the visual and physical connection to landscape provided by indoor-outdoor spatial design. https://creator.wework.com/toolbox/high-tech-desks-flexible-furnishings-office-design-goes-ultra-modern/

June 15, 2015