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VER Unveils VER Camera at Open HouseVER, Camera Prep SpaceDesign by JSDA

Sharing passion for performance, J S D A Inc and VER collaborated to revolutionize camera performance. VER, an 11 building corporate and industrial campus headquartered in Glendale, California retained J S D A Inc. to relocate and consolidate two facilities of the VER Camera department, formerly known as Cineverse. VER Camera is an extensive collection of high-end cinematic and television cameras and associated gear, serving the shoots around the globe. Stocking the world’s most comprehensive camera inventory, it is the biggest range found anywhere from 4k to 35mm. High-speed digital capture, low noise, up to 14 stops. Anamorphic, spherical, and large-format optics. No one else aggregates products in a system like VER. Clients are instantly production-ready, whether filming a feature or a local sporting event. VER works harder than anyone else in the industry. Why? Pure passion for performance.

March 27, 2017