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‘Whatis’ Phase 5

The national standard of practice, outlined with five phases of design, concludes with Phase 5: Construction Administration. Construction administration is often less understood than the other four phases. Construction administration begins when the permit has been issued and a general contractor has been awarded the construction, with a signed contract to complete the construction. 

Best practice provides that the design firm be retained for Phase 5 in order to enforce the requirements of the construction documentation and contract language, leading and managing the project team to project completion.

Design is a professional service. You can imagine a parallel with legal services; should you hire a trusted attorney to do the research, strategize the case and create the arguments for a case important to your business, you wouldn’t end their services and have a paralegal or a law student deliver the arguments in court. Far beyond compromises, the consequences are predictably not in alignment with your goals. 

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September 1, 2018