Restoration efforts are underway for LA City landmark #1213. Recent improvements include interior kitchen upgrades, earthquake bracing, restoration of glazing at the patio, concrete repair and exterior wood repair and…

Sheparding the Tech Trail
Sheparding the Tech Trail

Selected as a judge for the Pitch Fest at Trailhead Boise’s latest Pitch event, J S D A Inc. President, Janice Stevenor Dale joined twenty-some other industry leaders to serve….

Landmark No 1213
Landmark No 1213

Simpkins Residence, the physical, operational hub of J S D A Inc. Los Angeles, was named the newest of the City of Los Angeles Historical Landmarks, a rarity to be…

Future of Work

J S D A Inc is an active participant in the Harvard associated Open Assembly Future of Work dialogue and research on the adoption of freelance workers. With our history…

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