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Culture Reboot

Organizations are now shifting from operational sprints between evolving US Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to design sprints in order to maintain, recapture and revive their company’s culture. Beyond the charisma of the corporate leader, culture is the glue that holds an organization together. “Our people can do their very best when they have leadership support and feel connected to the organization’s purpose,” says Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines.

Culture is driven by mission, values and purpose, and is exemplified by the C-suite team.
Some cultures have been significantly damaged during the pandemic, with working from home challenges and salary cuts redrafting the unwritten commitment between employees and employers. HR leaders serve on the front line to mitigate these challenges and present options for resolutions. Transparency, authenticity and consistent communication are effective strategies that ring true for employees at all levels – it’s crucial for corporate leaders to keep their colleagues engaged and informed as a team. This approach will maintain the existing culture, retain employees and potentially attract new staff as the world reopens and we return to the workplace.

Despite its many advantages, working from home is not all positive. Among its shortcomings are: poor audio or video on Zoom calls, too many people speaking at once, noisy backgrounds, or being stuck in a chair for hours participating in the call. Is that your culture? These challenges indicate the necessity for enhanced technology and facilities for in-person meetings that meet your organization’s needs. It’s time to trust and explore new options.

“Trust is a serious problem, we have to get to a new level of transparency – only through radical transparency will we get to radical new levels of trust,” says Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. Leaders are not expected to be perfect, nor is it realistic to think that any organization is unaffected by change. Life is ever evolving and adaptability is a virtue to be embraced by those who wish to succeed. Leadership often requires bold action at critical intersections, and leading with purpose, confident commitment and flexibility will win out. Redefining a culture that sees the energy in change is always powerful. These are the new tenets of teambuilding that let us dare to imagine “How can we …?” and which will propel your organization well past 2021.

April 1, 2021